Woodland Early Childhood Center
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

After School Program K-5th grade


The program offers safe and convenient afterschool care. We pick children up from school. When they arrive at Woodland they play in the gym or playground from 3:15 PM until 4:00 PM. After we have allow the children to run off some pent up energy from a long day in the classroom, we move to individual classrooms that are separated by grade level. These classes have anywhere from 15 to 20 children and an individual teacher. We provide a snack and the children begin homework, reading or quiet learning activities. The teachers help children with their homework. Homework time is based the on the grade, approximately 10 minutes per grade level. After homework time children play with centers or games in the classrooms. At 5:15 PM we go back to the gym or playground until pick up.